Energy and more

Realising a solar park or roof is complex. It should consider the business case, the planning feasibility, permits, environmental management including but not limited to people living around the park and energy management. Furthermore, several financial aspects such as obtaining subsidies and the option of having the project fully funded including crowdfunding when applicable should be taken into account.  

GreenIPP knows how to deal with such complexity. It develops and builds large-scale solar roofs and solar parks in close collaboration with real estate owners, landlords and municipalities. In addition to the actual construction, we can efficiently co-ordinate the whole process by developing the business case, researching the planning feasibility, obtaining subsidies and manage all legal and technical aspects. In short, for our customers we overcome any barrier to realisation.

Environmental management
The process preceding construction of a solar park usually requires much preparation. Next to aspects like design, purchase or lease of land, request for subsidy and going through legal procedures, careful communication and gaining local support are key success factors. Increasingly, Dutch municipalities appreciate energy co-operatives obtaining part of ownership of a solar park or their contribution to a local fund for energy transition. GreenIPP can provide support in establishing an energy co-operative to help realising its sustainable ambitions.     

In recent years many solar parks and solar roofs have been realised. The availability of favourable subsidies and government backedPower Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) for sustainable energy projects, is a key reason for this. GreenIPP allows for fully funding a solar park or a solar roof. This adds to the attraction of realising a solar park, as no seed capital is required while we provide the service of full taking care of its development. 

Energy management
To become energy neutral as a company or municipality, own energy production is required. In most if not all cases, solar energy is a key enabler. Besides this, it is also important to cleverly manage power flows.This is at the core of our expertise. Our efficient energy management structurally improves general energy use.