what makes us unique

From zero to asset 

GreenIPP is a European developer of Renewable Energy projects with solar PV as core business
We offer a one-stop service to roof and land owners who are prepared to long term rent their land/roof to enable green energy production and generate a stable income
Taking care of the whole supply chain; design, build, finance, maintenance and operation (DBFMO)
We are quick, with direct access to equity from our collaboration with a solid European asset management company
Offering long term, flexible, creative and competitive solutions to our clients, tailored to each unique situation
We are independent, providing best solutions throughout the whole supply chain, taking all stakeholder perspectives into account
Maintaining an international network of strong local partners, with excellent track records in the renewable energy sector
We are a competent team of dedicated professionals, coming from different backgrounds (financial, technical, operational, legal)
Knowing our business and customers, we feel perfectly at home in all markets that we serve
Always transparent, trustworthy and respectful towards our clients, their property and all other stakeholders