Ode to milk churns

Together with developer Odura, Obton GreenIPP is realizing its second solar park in the south-west region of the Noord-Brabant province in the Netherlands. Near the city of Heerle, 39.843 grount mounted solar panels, with a capacity of 21.6MWp will supply 6000 households with energy every year.

The total surface of the property is 1400 acres, of which 20% will be used for high-quality landscaping to improve bio diversity. All under the guarding eye of milk churns "Kobus" and "Kwibus" (reminiscent of the village's dairy industry), standing tall on their bee-friendly mound between flower fields.

A crowdfunding campaign will be launched in Q2 2022 through crowdfunding platform ZonnepanelenDelen. This will enable local residents to invest in Solarpark De Melkbussen and profit from the energy transition.

Project type
Groundmounted Solar PV
Solarpark De Melkbussen
Heerle, the Netherlands
Q4 2022

project status

yearly capacity

21.6 MWp

yearly co2 savings

13.241 tons

absorption equivalent