Ground mounted Zonnepark Tegelen

In the Autumn of 2020 Obton GreenIPP realized the ground mounted solar park Tegelen. With approximately 12,000 state of the art solar panels, Zonnepark Tegelen has a capacity of almost 4.5 MWp. Zonnepark Tegelen will produce enough energy to supply nearly 1,300 households with energy every year.

The grasslands under and around the solar panels will be sustainably managed by grazing sheep from a local sheep shepherd. By managing the meadows in this way, an ecological added value can be achieved. In addition, the grassland will be sown with a bee-friendly herb and flower mixture.

The Limburg Energy Fund has provided a loan for the realization of the solar park. In addition, the participation options for local residents and other interested parties are currently being examined.

Project type
Ground mounted PV
Tegelen, The Netherlands
Q4 2020

project status

yearly capacity

4,5 MW

yearly co2 savings

2.733 tons

absorption equivalent

5.466 trees