For an energy-neutral municipality of Brummen

The municipality of Brummen is the issuer of the environmental permit. The municipality Brummen has the ambition to generate the same amount of energy on their own territory awaken when they use themselves. Solar park De Willemshoek makes an important contribution to this with an annual amounth of 31.897.625 kWh, enough for more than 10.000 households.

The site of the park has a rich history. In the mid-19th century, the Oude Zuthpenseweg was built as an important connecting road between Eerbeek and Hall. With the arrival of the Apeldoorn Canal in the second half of the 19th century, the road lost its important connection function. The current sandy path is still on the same spot. The Lendeweg has a long history in the change from heath landscape to straight, cultivated allotment. We place the panels in such a way that an unobstructed view remains possible from the sandy roads.
The solar park aims to be an addition to the landscape. We want to increase biodiversity by taking various measures in combination with the temporary management of agricultural land. Broad zones are kept free along most edges, which are sown as flower-rich field margins. The ground under the panels is also sown with herb-rich grassland.
The purpose of this is that various kinds of insects, butterflies, wild bees and bumblebees, dragonflies, various kinds of birds, badgers and small mustelids as mammals thrive better.

Project type
Groundmounted Solar PV
Solarpark De Willemshoek
Q2 - 2023

project status

yearly capacity

38 MWp

yearly co2 savings


absorption equivalent