Project Developers

Project developers use GreenIPP's expertise throughout the whole chain (DBFMO) to bring green energy producing projects to a closing; in both early and late stage development. With a sustainable, transparent and respectful approach, we guarantee the customer a stable income for at least 25 years by renting out their land and/of roof. And after the tenure of the collaboration we'll return the property the same way it was entrusted to us, or we continue doing business.

Also in need of some creative expertise to bring your project to closing?

Stable income for your client: between €3.000 - €7.000 per hectare per year; between €1,50 - €4,00 per panel per year, depending on your client's unique situation
Flexible financial terms for your client: pre-payment of rental income is possible. 100% financing of the installation and operation, but also co-investment and co-participation
Independent expertise: use our services only where you need them
Coverage of your pre-financing costs through early and late stage milestone payments
With GreenIPP you and your client will have a trusted partner: transparent, quick, creative and competent, with direct access to equity. Proof of funds available on request

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