Roosendaal's largest Solar park

Together with developer Diepp Solar, Obton GreenIPP 5CV is realizing its first solar park in the city of Roosendaal NB, The Netherlands. With 80.000 ground mounted solar panels, supplying 10.000 households with energy, this will be the largest project of a series of sustainable initiatives within the Roosendaal area.

The total surface of the property is 33,5 hectares, of which only 25 will be used for the solar panels. The remaining 8,5 hectares will be used for high-quality landscaping, to improve biodiversity. This area will also be used for educational and recreational hiking routes. In addition Solarpark Evertkreekweg will also be used as a water storage when flooding threatens the area.

Together with 11 other solar parks, Solarpark Evertkreekweg will be part of a 4 year study into soil quality and biodiversity at solar parks. The research is an initiative of a partnership between Wageningen University & Research, TNO, Eelerwoude, NLGreenlabel, 8 provinces and the members of branch organization Holland Solar.

Obton GreenIPP has launched a crowdfunding campaign through crowdfundingplatform ZonnepanelenDelen. This enables local residents to invest in Solarpark Evertkreekweg and profit from the energy transition.

Project type
Groundmounted Solar PV
Solarpark Evertkreekweg
Roosendaal, The Netherlands
Q3 2021

project status

yearly capacity

34,5 MW

yearly co2 savings

16.500 tons

absorption equivalent

38.527 trees