Reduce CO2 emissions to achieve sustainability goals

Non-disclosed Dutch utility's core business is the continious supply of their product at impeccable quality. In their pledge to simultaneously contribute to social responsibility and sustainable growth, the company has mapped and reduced the impact of running their business on the environment. They are proud to be 100% climate neutral, treating nature with utmost respect.

Developing a series of small-scale, technically complex projects under SDE deadline, we have installed 6 state-of-the-art solar energy producing systems. With our flexibility in financial engineering (including co-investment) and flexible solar energy contracts, we have met our client's ambitions, providing green carbon credits.

Project type
Rooftop PV
Dutch utility
The Netherlands
Q1 2018

project status

yearly capacity

1.5 MW

yearly co2 savings

782 tons

absorption equivalent

1565 trees