1600 solar panels to make offset printing more sustainable

DG press is the specialist in building and maintaining professional printing machines (so-called web offset). DG press was founded in August 2009 and arose from the bankruptcy of Drent Goebel, manufacturer of web offset printing presses. DG press started with 10 former employees of Drent Goebel and has since grown into a worldwide operating organization with almost 50 employees. In 2013, DG press moved to the former building of Drent Goebel, the building where solar panels will now be installed. Sustainability is an increasingly important part of business operations. Director and sole shareholder Remko Koolbergen is aware of the social task and responsibility that DG press has and encourages innovations and solutions, not only in the development of the printing machines but also beyond.

Project type
Rooftop PV
DG Press
Q1 2022

project status

yearly capacity

600 kWp

yearly co2 savings


absorption equivalent