With 94 MW in pipline, governmental organisations have re-developed state-owned land or converted vacant roofs to reduce CO2 emissions and save on their energy bill. By renting out land and/or roofs to GreenIPP, they now produce sustainable energy. With a sustainable, transparant and respectful approach towards all stakeholders, we guarantee a stable income for at least 25 years. And after the tenure of the collaboration, we'll return the property the same way it was entrusted to us, or we continue doing business.

Also interested in a hassle-free, stable income from state owned land and/or roofs?

Stable income: between €3.000 - €7.000 per hectare per annum (land); between €1,50 - €4,00 per panel per year, depending on your unique situation
No hassle: we’re a one-stop service taking care of the whole supply chain (design, build, finance, maintain, operate)
Flexible financial terms: pre-payment of rental income is possible. 100% financing of the installation and operation, but also co-investment and co-participation through crowdfunding
Improve your energy label and claim carbon credits (when you decide to make use of the option to consume solar energy from your roof)
You'll be working with a competent partner: ESG compliant and strong in complex stakeholder management
With GreenIPP you'll have a trusted partner: transparent, quick and creative, with direct access to equity and managing state property with respect

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